Never Ask

Nike Russia World Cup Campaign.

Never Ask , it's an ode to a new generation of Russian athletes. It's a story about those who don't ask, but just take and do.
Because if you ask, they'll tell you what you can't do. Who you can't be. Who you'll never be.

So don't ask.
MY ROLE  / Creative, Art Director, Designer.
The athletes featured in these films are Aleksandr Maltsev, the first and only professional synchronized swimmer in Russia; Elena Fedoseeva, a blind runner who participated in dozens of races; and Fedor Smolov, a professional football player who fought his way from a bench-warmer to the leading scorer of the country.
The films are part of the ‘Never Ask’ campaign in Russia and showcase the highs and lows of sports. Whilst the sports journey of these individual athletes varies, their stories share the inspirational belief that nothing can hold back from achieving personal goals.
 The 2018 official Russian kit is Adidas, so I had the opportunity to design the “Nike Russian Kit” to be featured in our Campaign.
This ended up working as a PR stunt since it gained a lot of attraction opening a conversation among the Russian football community requesting this Kit to become official.
Keeping the same “punk rebellious tone”, our print campaign invaded the streets in form of dozens raw wild posters.
Unbranded and anonymous, we simulated these posters to speak from an “evil” authoritarian entity.
Some of them read : 
“Ask and they’ll say : Russia’s just not a football country.”
“Ask and they’ll say : Street Footballers don’t become real Footballers.”
“Ask and they’ll say : Never play after dark.”
Couple a days after their release, we've "vandalised the posters"  with our "Never Ask cross" and the swoosh, now speaking through Nike.
We created a dozen of funny, quirky and sarcastic "social films" supporting other well-known Russian athletes, influencers and artists: professional football players Artem Dzyuba, Roman Zobnin, Anton Miranchuk, Ilya Zhigulev, Georgy Jikia; Russian figure skater and two-time silver medalist of the Olympic Games, Evgeny Medvedeva; two-time Olympic champion in fencing, Yana Egorian; silver medalist of the Olympic Games in freestyle wrestling, Valery Koblova; the only participant in the X-Game, Katia Shengelia; professional ballerina, Maria Horeva; musicians Miyagi&Endspiel; a young dancer Frederic Petrosyan; and the founder of the running movement Alexandra Boyarskaya.